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Certification in Economics - Board Certified ™

ChE ™ Chartered Economist ™

Chartered Economist and Certified Corporate Economist offered by our Academic Board of Economic Policy and Monetary Analysis.

The AAFM is the Official Certifyinig Body that offers the Economist Designations. Through a series of global agreements in Asia, Africa, US, Europe and the Middle East, the ChE or CEPA credential is available to qualified applicants and seasoned veteran academics of ecnomics. The ChE is offered in conjunction with the Commission of Chartered Certified Economists International and the ACCE.

Special waiver may be granted to PhD and Masters Degree Holders who have 5+ years of economic policy, corporate economist, or analyst employment and experience.

If you meet these requirements, please send a resume or CV to

What prerequesites or experience are required to obtain this designation? Education Industry Experience, Continuing Education, Accredited College Degree,Testing, & Abide by Ethics Criteria: based on Ibanez US Supreme Court Decision.

What educational requirements does this designation have?
Completion of a economics degree or concentration from one of 560 AAFM board registered and recognized ACBSP, ABA, or AACSB business schools worldwide or an MBA, CPA, CFA, PhD, DBA, Masters Degree, or Law Degree from an accredited university or college along with relevant experience. Managers or executives may take our 5 day on-site executive training courses with exit exams to secure designation

What examinations must be passed to receive this designation?
Candidates must pass testing and exams required to secure an MBA, PhD, Masters, Doctorate, CPA, JD, ACBSP, EQUIS, ABA, or AACSB accredited business program or other relevant International graduate professional exam in with concentrations in related subjects such as economics, finance, tax or other. If you are unsure of your status, please submit official copies for board review.

You must provide references for this credential. Mail your CV for Review

Certified Economist (AAFM)

Course Agenda

Agenda Day One

Corporate Economics are introduced by covering the key concepts in macroeconomic and microeconomic forces influencing the enterprise.

Economic Principles For Enterprise
• Behaviour of firms and consumers
• Nature of competition
• Market failures
• International business strategy
• International
• Multinational
• Global
• Transnational
• Market entry modes
• Franchise
• Joint-venture

Group Exercise
Case Study: Critical analysis of the Enron failure – was it Enron’s business model, management or the economy?

Close Of Day One Followed By Lunch

Agenda Day Two

Applied Research Methods For Business Economics
• Economic modeling, simulation studies
• Economic/business forecasting
• Impact of economics on financial markets
• Understanding impact of economic statements
• Understanding effects of political events on markets

Industrial Economics
• Flow of financial capital, goods and services
• Globalisation
• Technological change
• Trade blocks

Group Exercise
Determine three industries that have been significantly affected by the emergence of the Internet and discuss the changes that have taken or are taking place in these industries as a result.

Close Of Day Two Followed By Lunch

Agenda Day Three

The aim of this day is to discuss in detail competition policy, financing businesses, economic regulation and international trade.

Issues In Business Economics
• Competition policy
• Trade financing and business capitalisation
• Working with regulators
• International trade principles

Group Exercise
Case Study: Determine viable options for the growth of a business

Marketing Dynamics
• Developing fast-to-market technology for competitive advantage
• Exploring the economics of customer loyalty and total customer satisfaction
• Formulating an action-oriented marketing plan
• Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Group Exercise
Marketing strategies in thelight of various economic forecast models

Close Of Day Three Followed By Lunch

Agenda Day Four

The aim of this session is to demonstrate key skills in Economic Forecasting and show you how to develop the quantitative skills necessary to work as a business economist. It shows you how to model a market and to find relationships within data. It focuses on the tools of econometrics, used to produce forecasts of macroeconomic and microeconomic variables

Economic Forecasting
• Economic indicators
• Relating economic factors to corporate growth projections
• Econometrics
• Translating short and long-term economic factors into corporate strategy
• Strategic goal alignments

Balanced Scorecard And Strategic Objectives
• Lead and lag performance indicators
• Measuring the four dimensions
• Setting strategic objectives

Group Exercise
Formulating a strategy map

Close Of Day Four Followed By Lunch

Agenda Day Five

Day five endeavors to finalise the course structure by reviewing how the business economist communicates the impact of changes in the external economic environment in respect to company performance and strategy.

Managerial Economics
• The role of the business economist in day-to-day management
• Feedback models
• Working with the finance and managerial accounting team
• Market strategy
• Managing people

Leadership, Vision And Implementation
• Leadership skills
• Team leading
• The ‘centreless’ organisation
• Performance management and incentive schemes

Group Exercise
Role playing communication exercise as a senior manager

Close Of Programme Followed By Lunch

Certified Corporate Economist offered by our Academic Board of Economic Policy and Monetary Analysis. See Past Course Course Outline

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